About me

I grew up in Newbury Park, CA. It's a beautiful area and great for trail running. I was on the same cross country team as Nico Young, which is my big claim to fame. I was/am nowhere near as fast—I pride myself on my boys JV most improved award.

I did my undergrad at UCSB, in a program called CCS. I really appreciate this program. The small accelerated initial classes and the personal/mandatory academic advising were crucial for setting me up for graduate school.

During the summer of 2021, I was a CCS Create Fund Summer Fellowship recipient. I spent the summer studying toric varieties. For the summer 2022, I participated in Polymath Jr to study Solveable Lattice Models.

Right now I'm a graduate student at the University of Utah, interested in something nearby algebraic geometry—it's too early for me to know exactly what. I do know that I want to do something to do with spaces, and I really like abstract algebra, particularly the commutative kind.



I started on electric guitar at the end of 2018, but now I'm more into acoustic. My music taste ranges from indie rock to midwest emo/math rock to singer-songwriter. During my undergrad some friends and I would get together and play as a "band".